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Summer 2017

Isn’t it exciting how fashion evolves? Hell, it’s 2017, but somehow I feel like I’m stuck in a time warp. Like seriously; we are actually experiencing the 80s/90s all over again through the evolution of fashion, and boy; I’m I excited! After all, the 80s was one of the most memorable decades of fashion. It was an era of bold styles, prints, colors and silhouettes, lots of bling, leggings, leg-warmers and leather to name a few. Similarly, the 1990s fashion era was just as intriguing.

Fast forward some three decades later and the renaissance continues. The inspiration may change overtime but the style has endless similarities. Let’s take a look at some of Summer 2017’s fashion.

1. Bralettes and hot weather can be easily linked. The tiny top is making its comeback on the radar for Summer 2017 in all shapes and textures. For a different or a unique look, pair it over your top as shown on these models. This may require a bit of experimenting and going outside your comfort zone, but it’s well worth the try.



2. Brace yourselves Ladies, waist cinchers are back on the scene and they are really popular. They can be paired with either a dress, top or skirt.


Source: thebrunettesenseofhumor.com


3. Smocked clothing detailing elastic banded waistlines are a definite must this summer. They come in a variety of styles making it easy extremely to wear.

smocked clothing


4. Sportswear is trending again, and what’s not to love about it? The sporty look could be worn casually or for a dressy look. It is totally up to the wearer to make this ensemble come alive. FILA has definitely redeemed itself. Not to be outdone by Nike and Adidas, they’ve introduced a line of sportswear that is simply amazing.



rihanna adidad.jpg


5. Deconstructed Shirts are so unique. We all loved the off shoulder trend but this is remarkable. Its unconventional neckline and huge cutouts makes everything seem rearranged. It can be one shoulder, off the shoulder or have an asymmetrical neckline. This is a required item in your closet for Summer 2017.

deconstructed tops



6. The runway always provides us with inspiration and now this popular clothing item has made its way onto the fashion scene of Summer 2017. I am talking about the Robe, and not the type that you wear when you step out of the shower, but rather the sleepwear that translates easily into an evening wear item.


Courtesy: denimjeansobserver.com

Whether you have a conservative sense of fashion or you prefer to be audacious; find your fashion “self” this Summer.

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