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Love-in the skin, you’re in!

Loving the skin, I’m in! This is the by far one of the most popular catch phrases on social media, often times hash-tagged to our edited selfies . But do we really know how deep this phrase is; or do we just use it loosely? This phrase may take on several definitions, but for me, it simply means, loving yourself no matter what. Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to see the debilitating effects of skin lightening creams, where individuals are literally dying to be the fairest of them all. I had to wonder aloud; “do people really love the skin that they’re in?”

Despite the real risk of acquiring skin cancer through the regular use of skin lightening products known to contain large amounts of hydroquinone, steroids and other harmful products, some people seem to care less. Not only are they used for cosmetic purposes, in some societies they are used by individuals  “to be more accepted in society.” The belief in the power of light skin is common place all over the world and is not a simple beauty regime, but a remnant of classism and racial inequality from centuries of imperialism and social stratification. The widespread abuse of these products hold steadfast to the belief that those who are darker are members of the underclass and downtrodden

Nevertheless, let us try to demystify skin lighteners for a bit. They are sometimes used by individuals for skin discolorations such as freckles, age spots, and  acne scars, as well as, recommended by Dermatologist for skin disorders. However, bleaching creates more health problems than it actually works and even if it works, putting your skin at risk is certainly not worth it. I wish I could tell the large number of men and women in my West-Indian neighborhood the perils of skin lightening abuse. I recently scoured the aisles of an ethnic beauty supply store on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn; there were dozens of skin lighteners for sale, all promising the perfect, light skin tone in 6-8 weeks. Some work, others may not; in reality the side effects are innumerable.

In light of this, the abuse of skin lightening agents need to stop. So how do we help solve it? Maybe, we should redefine beauty from an intellectual and psychological point of view. Maybe, we should remove that toxic mirror, that is, SOCIAL MEDIA. Maybe, we should continuously build our self esteem and love ourselves more than ever. Then, we can shout from the mountain top and say; I’m love-in, the skin, I’m in.


Let your Lippie Slay Before Men, Women, Boys and Girls.

There is no doubt that the lipstick is the most popular makeup item, as most women just can’t do without it. A lot of females will forgo applying other products to the face, such as foundation and blush; however, the lipstick is a must. Of course it is important to note, that it makes us look gorgeous, but there are way more benefits that can be attributed to wearing lipsticks. It enhances the eyes, it brightens the smile, it can be used as a protectant for the lips and most importantly it defines the lips. Lipsticks also has some psychological benefits in my opionion; it boosts self-confidence and it is definitely a pick-me-up, when I’m having a bad day. I apply some red to my lips and voila, I feel as though I can take on the world; not bad for morale.

Additionally, I find my happy moment when I impulse-purchase a tube of expensive lipstick, even when I’m financially limited. The aptly-titled “Lipstick Effect” (L.E) can be traced all the way back to the Great Depression. Essentially, during times of economic hardship, sales of cosmetics increase. I always fall into this trap. I spend exorbitant amounts on lippies, then I would experience ‘buyer’s remorse’ later.

For one, it seems that I am smitten with L.E, so please bare with me, as I review some of my favorite lippies.

Favourite MAC Lipsticks

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A mixture of different textures and tones by MAC are some of my faves. Foiled Rose and Ionized Iris, are trending for this Summer’s metallic look. I usually wear them over another color to create the perfect combination. The texture of Mangrove is a bit too creamy for me, but I love how it glides with relative ease on the lip as well as its vibrant color. Ionized iris is also a metallic shade that can be worn on its own or paired with another color.

The Mattes featured here are Ruby Woo, All Fired Up, Candy Yum-Yum and Fashion Legacy which is actually a liquid but dries into a matte. I really love Mac Matte Lippies but I honestly think the quality has declined. I remember back in the day, I would put on a MAC lippie and  eat, drink, talk; yet my lipstick would not budge. Now; I figure if I talk too much, it rubs off. The staying power is just not the same. Nevertheless, I’m in love with their liquid lipsticks and think that they’re a must have. They dry super matte and stays a lot longer than the satin (Cyber) and  frosts (Fresh Moroccan) textures.

In contrast, I have an affection for a few drugstore brand lipsticks. I absolutely adore these lippies featured. They are affordable, have maximum staying power and just awesome. Essentially, maximum staying power is a bonus for me when it comes to lipsticks.

Favorite Drugstore Brands

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My $3 ELF Lippie is my go-to color. It is what I use as a “slay” booster for work.

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NYX and Maybelline brands are equally superb. I love the Vs…Vivid Violet (Liquid) and Vancouver (Soft Matte), they both apply easily and has maximum staying power. Additionally, my Absolute NY and LA Girl colors are popping at only $2.99 each. I was totally surprised at the quality I got. There is a saying that good things doesn’t come cheap. That is an absolute myth! These lipsticks have not failed me. In fact, they support my claim and my belief, that good things do come in cheap packages. So Ladies, go forth and let your LIPPIES  “SLAY” before all.