Priming with Purpose

You really cannot get enough beauty products. I swear there is a brand new product launched for every conceivable part of the body, at least once per month. After all, beauty products are essential to a woman’s appearance and each and every one of them manages to beautify in different ways;  in addition, some may say it is the Alpha and the Omega of enhancing the physical attractiveness of its users.  Nevertheless, one of the products that stood out for me is the Primer; and yes there is a primer for every body part. Lips, eyes, face and body all have primers tailored towards a particular purpose. Think about it! Primers are super important when it comes to applying makeup, but it can also confuse  women on whether or not it is absolutely necessary. In order to understand it’s importance, I’ll attempt to define what exactly is a primer.

Let’s take a moment to think about primers. Painting a wall without priming it first is basically unheard of. The primer functions as a layer of coverage and smooths out out any  imperfections. The purpose of the face primer acts in the same capacity, except the walls are your face, eyes or lips. Makeup primers come in a variety of forms such as gel and lotions and also provides a smooth surface on which to apply makeup. It can help keep makeup in place and provides the benefit of a smooth flawless type skin. All in all,  let’s  discuss some of my favorite primers.


MAC’s  Prep N Prime

I seriously don’t know how it works so great for my face. The consistency is creamy with a bit of shimmer, but when applied to the face the shimmer is non-existent, it also has a soft texture as well. It makes my foundation last 20x longer and because it is silicone based, it allows the foundation to apply a lot easier. I don’t have oily skin and I don’t sweat at all (funny, but true); so those may be reasons why I’ll give this particular product a five star rating.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I actually avoided this stuff for a long time because I thought it was over-rated and hyped. I was wrong; it is amazing. It prevents gathering at the crease of my eyes makes my eyeshadow colors more vibrant and last longer, a major selling point for me. By the same token,  I don’t have to use as much product to get the look that I am trying to achieve. My only qualm about this product is. it dries very quickly once applied, so you have to ensure that you apply your eyeshadow asap.


MAC Prep N Prime Lip Base

Lipstick when applied incorrectly is a major downfall, but frequent exfoliation and lip liner helps to prevent dry, cracked, wrinkled lips. Lip primer does wonders to ensure smooth application and long-lasting color.  This is the holy grail of lip primers; MAC’s Prep n Prime Lip Base. It is light, prevents lipstick feathering and ensures smooth application, additionally if you wear a lot of red and burgundy lippies, then this is the product for you as the color is applied evenly, once this primer is used.

If you haven’t been using primers, then you may be missing out. It can even been worn on its own for a fresh no-makeup look or it can used as a protective layer. Given these points; are you ready to introduce Primers into your beauty routine? Are you ready to prime with purpose? I hope that you are.

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