“Fleeky Insta Brows”

The eyebrows have always intrigued me. It’s the little area of delicate hair located right below the forehead and above our eyes. Eyebrows, are that defining feature in communicating nonverbal messages, such as anger, happiness or shock!  They frame the face and are responsible for some of the most captivating looks. They allow for facial expressions that communicates our emotions to the next person! Those emotions; often leave me speechless!  This may be inextricably linked to the brow evolution. Of course, since ancient times, eyebrows have been plucked, shaved completely and penciled in by women. But there is something about the contemporary brow that bothers me for the most part. Recently, I’ve had several online discussions with friends and discovered the reasoning behind my concerns.

I’m certain that there are several of us that have spent a considerable amount of dollars on eye-pencils, mascara and dip-brow pomades just to achieve that perfect brow. I have and quite frankly, I have no regrets. In fact, I actually applaud my attempts and wonder; how did I get away with it? By the same token, I am often appalled by the ability of some contemporaries to ‘pull it off.’ Then again, this is  supposedly the new trend and it’s referred by many makeup Gurus, notably Wayne Goss as the “Instagram brow”.

Goss states that, the Instagram brow is when the beginning “section of the eyebrow is barely there and thickens out, becoming more defined as it goes along.”  I’m sure you have seen this look all over social media, as it is extremely popular among leading ‘insta-famous folks,’ a definition also made famous by Goss. Don’t get me wrong, I am an unabashed makeup lover and certified makeup artist, but that doesn’t mean that I should like every trend that comes along.  Honestly, this trend doesn’t sit well with me. It actually frightens me! Possibly, as I am a  child of the 1980s and au natural eyebrows were the way to go. I am not a fan and I think it looks odd and unnatural.

Nonetheless, everyone has their own ideals of beauty and some may argue that applying makeup is unnatural in the first instance, but there is a thin line between striking eyebrows and looking like a drag queen. Hell, it photographs well, and the professional makeup artists that “selfie-rize” it, looks beautiful; but that’s about it for me. If this is your fave and you want to keep rocking it, more power to you. My one wish is for ‘MUA’ and those at home to stop drawing the boxy lines. The time for something new is at hand. Go easy on the brows by making it look as natural as possible and take the time to blend the CONCEALER. For goodness sake! Please blend the concealer.

Take a look at some examples of the “Fleeky Insta Brows”




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